The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Is One Of Numerous Organizations Fighting For The Human And Civil Rights Of Migrants

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund came about due to an injustice perpetrated on two men. Due to the actions of an unethical sheriff named Joe Arpaio, Michael Laceyand Jim Larkin were jailed in Maricopa County, Arizona. Their release was fast, and their unethical arrest was proven in a court of law.

The case revolved around the freedom of speech, as the arrest resulted from articles the journalists had written. The Sheriff had a reputation for discrimination against the Mexican immigrants that was unfortunately justly earned. The suit filed against the country resulted in a settlement of $3.75 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to use the money to help groups who were already trying to help migrants receive the human, and civil rights they were entitled to. For this reason, they created the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

The establishment of the fund allowed the men to provide support for the individuals in Arizona who were denied their right to freedom of speech. This included the Mexican border or the la línea fronteriza. The fund has already provided aid to numerous worthy organizations.

The American Civil Liberties Union

One of the supporters of human rights for immigrants is the American Civil Liberties Union. The organization aids immigrants residing in the United States whose human rights have been violated. They have visited the border between Mexico, and the United States, and the detention facility for immigrants located in Arizona.

Their work with numerous organizations including OfficeSand, has resulted in the facilitation of meetings and public hearings to help these individuals. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The ACLU additionally works with the communities that have been affected, the local, and national authorities, and the victims. The issues they focus on include the efforts being made to improve the ordinances for immigrants, advocating against anti-immigration ordinances, the trafficking of children, and women, migrant workers without migrant documentation, and the detention facilities for the immigrants. They monitor, report, and advise on the violations of human rights occurring all over the world.

The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights

The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights is a coalition of individuals, and organizations including refugees, religions, migrants, labor, and civil rights groups, and communities. They advocate to improve the policies, and laws regarding civil rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The organization additionally expands, and defends migrant’s rights, and the rights of their families throughout Arizona. To promote social change, and advance reform for immigrants, the Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights educates the communities.

Their goals are to raise the public’s awareness of the detention, and criminal proceedings against refugees, and migrants in Arizona. To provide education regarding the current efforts to change, and promote just legislation regarding policies, the rhetoric surrounding anti-immigration, and the promotion of civil rights.

Their information is shared between the members of the coalition so communication is effectively increased. They address the needs of local organizations with training, and education. They provide the resources required for indigenous, and migrant workers to be heard, so they can speak of their concerns.

Focus on the Life and Career of Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a renowned mathematician. He attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where he earned his Ph.D under the supervision of Walter Philipp in 1987. His thesis focused on the probability area in Banach spaces.

He found a solution to a complex issue on the law of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. In the following years his work mainly revolved around ergodic theory, probability and harmonic analysis. Here is a brief overview of his life and career achievements.

Early Working Life

After graduating with his Ph.D, he was employed by Louisiana State University. After a while he made his move to the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill campus. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

While at UNC, Lacey together with Walter Philipp managed to produce proof on the theorem touching on the almost sure central limit. Dr. Lacey worked at the Indiana University from 1989 to 1996.

At the Indiana University, he received a Postdoctoral Fellowship (National Science Foundation). During this fellowship, he tackled the bilinear Hilbert transform, which was at that time being queried by Alberto Calderon. Christoph Thiele and Michael Lacey had scooped the Salem Prize in the year 1996 for coming up with the transform solution.

Further Achievements

Michael is a professor in mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he has worked since 1996. Dr. Lacey was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in the year 2004 for their joint efforts with Xiaochun Li. In 2012, he was confirmed as an American Mathematical Society Fellow.

He received a lot of support for this recognition from the National Science Foundation.

His work has been largely supported by several institutes involved in mathematical research like the Fulbright Foundation and Simmons Foundation. Michael Lacey has a number of papers on vital issues in mathematics and sciences published.

Research Topics

Lacey has researched as well as written on a number of topics. These topics include Carleson’s Theorem, Kao Problem, iterated logarithm laws, bilinear Hilbert transform, the Carleson-Hunt Theorem, Levy processes, central limit theorems and others.

Dr. Michael Lacey has throughout his illustrious career shown a deep knowledge of a number of mathematical problems considered to be among the most complex in the field. He has always proven that he is a mathematical genius.

Michael Lacey has also shown that he is one of the most diligent and hardworking mathematicians alive. This has seen him get tons of invitations to various visiting and short-term positions in universities all over the world. He was honored with the chance of talking for 45 minutes in 1998 during the International Congress of Mathematics.

Jeremy Goldstein Elaborates How Employers Can Benefit From Knockout Choices

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a lawyer at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC, a boutique law office committed to promoting pay boards of trustees, CEOs, administration groups and organizations in official pay and corporate administration matters.


Mr. Goldstein is also the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Board of trustees of the American Bar Association Business Segment. He composes and talks much of the time on corporate administration and official remuneration issues and is recorded as a main official remuneration legal counselor in Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and The Legal 500.


Firms have stopped furnishing workers with investment opportunities. A couple of the employers gave such incentives in bid to cut down on active expenses. i. Despite this apparently reasonable move, firms always have different reasons when cutting down on investment opportunities. These include:


Fear of dropped stock esteem that may lead to incomprehensible for representatives to practice their choices. In any case, organizations still have to report associated costs, leaving investors to deal with the danger of alternative shade.


Numerous workers have turned out to be careful about this pay technique. They realize that financial downturns regularly render alternatives useless. These advantages may appear to look like club tokens more than money.


Choices result in impressive bookkeeping troubles. The pertinent expenses may overshadow the budgetary focal points of these subsidiaries. Staff individuals don’t generally consider this advantage as profitable as the higher compensations that a business could pay on the off chance that it was dispensed with.




All things considered, this pay can be desirable over better protection, extra value or wages. It’s generally straightforward so that the staff can understand these opportunities.


Choices merely lift individual profit if an organization’s offer esteem boosts. This advocates for people to organize the prosperity of the company. The workforce may put in more effort to satisfy the existing customers, attract interesting customers or come up with imaginative administrations.


Certain Internal Revenue Service rules make it extensively hard to supply representatives with values. This is particularly genuine when organizations create remuneration bundles for top administrators.




In the event that an organization must keep giving workers choices, it can pick up the slack by receiving the correct system.


The best arrangement is to grasp a kind of boundary choice known as a “knockout.” These investment opportunities have similar time restriction and vesting prerequisites as their ordinary partners.


This arrangement hand representatives a strong motivating drive to keep an association’s stock from dipping below the relinquishment limit. Staff realize that they can acquire increasingly when the offer cost takes off. In this case, they will totally lose the advantage in the event that it dives.


Visit to learn more.

Nathaniel Ru & Sweetgreen

What would the world of food look like if every restaurant and fast food chain reinvented themselves? What would any restaurant look like if it started from scratch? While the first question may never be answered, a restaurant that started from scratch would look a lot like Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen, co-founded and co-owned by Nathaniel Ru and two friends from college, is revolutionizing the food industry. While many restaurants claim to have fresh, local produce delivered on a regular basis, Sweetgreen co-founders put in months of work to ensure that every ounce of produce is healthy, fresh, organic, and locally grown.

Diners go crazy for all of Sweetgreen’s delicious salads. It wasn’t easy starting a salad-based legacy restaurant, but Sweetgreen’s ended up with 40 locations. Much of that success comes from their dedication to providing more than just plain lettuce salads. For Ru, in particular, it’s about more than just feeding people good food.

It’s sad that more companies aren’t learning from Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen hits the rights notes for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Mainly, their implementation of technology gives them a huge advantage over other restaurants. Nearly one-third of their transactions happen through their app and website.

Their embrace of technology has pushed the company forward in more ways than one. Yet, their biggest innovation is certainly their unorthodox management strategy. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The co-founders never felt comfortable with the idea of running their business from a giant corporate headquarters. Even their small corporate office is closed on a limited basis so that everyone can experience what it’s like working in the restaurant.

The objective behind everyone working in one of the restaurants is building a company where even the corporate office workers have a close bond with customers. As for the co-CEOs, they spend much of their time going back and forth between coasts, overseeing operations.

It seems like a harder way to run their company, but it works. For Ru and his old friends, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, it’s the best way to do things.

They learned a lot about owning a business in their entrepreneurship class but learned even more from their entrepreneurial parents. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Most companies wouldn’t do half the things that Sweetgreen has done the year. The confidence that the company has comes directly from the handed-down experiences of emigrant-entrepreneurs.

Orange Coast College Planetarium Gets A Big Boost

Orange Coast College is a unique and accredited school near and dear to the hearts of many. Just ask individuals like former professor Mary McChesney, who recently donated one million dollars towards the college’s brand new planetarium which began construction last year.

The hefty donation will be specifically applied to the facility’s Foucalt pendulum, which is used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth, the first of its kind in Orange County.

McChesney, a retired English and Spanish professor, is putting forth the donation in honor of her recently deceased, long-time partner and former fellow professor Adelyn Bonin. McChesney stated to LA times, “I know Lyn would be happy to do this — this is half hers.”

While McChesney has been a long-time contributor for donations to scholarships and the school, this donation eclipses them all. The new planetarium, which will include the latest technology in the field, will contain a 129 seat auditorium, a far cry from the old planetarium’s 35 seat arrangement.

Not only will the new planetarium be an incredible resource for the students of OCC, but will act as a tool for the rest of the community as well. Once constructed it will be utilized by students ranging from kindergarten to high school, as well as other residents in the community.

The planetarium is expected to run a budget of 20 million, mostly funded by a bond from 2012 and helped along with generous donations such as Mary McChensey’s. Orange Coast College is targeting an opening in time for the 2018 fall semester. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Aside from a brand new state of the art planetarium OCC is known for a variety of aspects ranging from education to athletics. The Costa Mesa school, located just off the coast of southern California, has become one of the nations largest community colleges, enrolling nearly 25,000 students a semester.

OCC hosts one of the nations top nautical programs and transfers more students to the University of California and the California State University systems than any other Orange County community college. When it comes to athletics OCC has been downright dominant.

Orange Coast has won their conference sports supremacy award, representative of the top overall men’s and women’s athletic program, 26 of the last 30 years. Orange Coast College will look to continue its rich traditions with the help of staff and attendees past and present just like Mary McChesney.

Actress Kate Hudson Leads The Fabletics Revolution

It is difficult for any company to consider taking on the electronic retail giant Amazon as the Internet based company has seized an astonishing 20 percent of the digital fashion retail market over the course of its life. A rival has emerged in the last three years to the dominance of Amazon in recent years in the shape of the Kate Hudson fronted Fabletics brand; Fabletics has become taken the use of the Internet to new heights and combined its success with that of a growing number of physical locations where Online subscribers can try on the items of their choice before purchasing them using their Online account.


The aspirational aspect of the brand is based on the social media posts and marketing campaigns often focusing on the life and personal style choices of Kate Hudson. The need to find oneself in the same leisure wear items as Kate Hudson sees members of the Site subscribe to the service and have new active wear mailed directly to them each month; the $250 million value of the Fabletics brand shows the company has struck upon a model that truly works for its growing customer base. One of the most important aspects of the subscription service is the “Lifestyle Quiz” which allows a member to have their best possible choices provided for them based on their answers. Taking the quiz is simple and easy and can show any potential customer the different offerings Fabletics brings to the closet of every member.


It is common for celebrities to partner with the companies of their choice as they set out to develop a brand closely linked to their own way of life, which is why “Almost Famous” actress Kate Hudson became a partner in the Fabletics brand almost as soon as the idea was developed in 2013. Unlike many of her fellow celebrities who we often feel have little link to the brands they work with, Hudson is often pictured in the clothing from Fabletics and has developed her own social media presence often featuring the products from the Fabletics brand.


A full partner in the company, Kate Hudson plays a major role in the design of the products in the Fabletics brand and makes sure her own media presence acts as a line of communication between the brand and those members who have already taken the “Lifestyle Quiz” and begun wearing one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the U.S.

Women First- Whitney Wolfe

Love life and relationships are the most difficult issues to understand in life. They say there is no explanation for love and the world has been struggling to explain it as well as finding it especially in this digital era. With the advancement of technology, love stories have changed due to the development of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Men and women have been meeting through the apps and their love and relationship stories have taken a new turn. Whitney Wolfe is one of the pioneers of the dating apps in the United States of America known as Bumble.

Whitney was born 27 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah where she was also raised. She is the Chief executive Officer and the Founder of the famous feminine dating app Bumble. Her father was a property developer while Whitney’s mother was a housewife. After her High School graduation, she went ahead to join Southern Methodist University for her International Studies. She was business oriented since her days in college where she established a business to sell bamboo tote bags that were of a great benefit to the people living in areas affected by BP oil spill. She partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp and together they launched a non-profit organization known as Help Us Project.

Whitney Wolfe began her career working at Hatch Labs which was under Sean Rad who they later became business partners after co-establishing Tinder which is also a dating app. Later Whitney left Tinder to found her Bumble dating app that is mostly dominated by women. The dating app company has its Head Offices located in Austin. Whitney Wolfe established the app with a major reason for making online dating different and more secure especially for ladies who are seeking love relationship. Bumble is unique in that the woman makes the first move and will determine whether to arrange for a date or not which is not in other dating apps. Whitney Wolfe together with her partner continues to develop the app with recent innovations of BFF where individuals have an opportunity to make platonic relationships as well as business connects. Another recent development which Whitney Wolfe is making is to open a pop-up location in New York City which is also a good opportunity to expand BumbleBizz.

Betsy DeVos On Educational Reforms

Betsy DeVos is highly passionate about educational reforms. This is becoming more evident as she is the Secretary of Education in the Trump administration.

She further talks about major advances that are taking place in Louisiana along with Indiana. These two states are able to serve close to a million students each year. It is a fact that all these students will not be taking advantage of these programs. Still, there would be widespread adoption of the educational choices being provided through these programs.

Betsy DeVos had been involved in these states during her election cycles. She believes that these reforms are a result of the right people getting elected from these states. They can draft good legislation, and get it implemented well after it gets passed. This way the students will be able to find the school of their choice. Check her website for more info at

Betsy DeVos is associated with the American Federation for Children. This is a part of her national reform efforts.

She believes that education choice can be implemented successfully only when it becomes a non-partisan issue. Unfortunately, this has not been the case till now. This is because the Democrats have been taking the side of the teachers’ unions. This is why Betsy DeVos is engaging with Democrats so that they can do the right thing. This is because all are well aware that education has to be non-partisan in order to be effective.

There is a growing interest being taken by the Democratic leaders in promoting educational choice. Now, this has turned into a movement that has a lot of Democratic support. All this is due to the steady efforts being made at the grassroots levels since a long time that has spanned several election cycles. To be precise, Betsy DeVos has been involved in these from 2003 onward.

Her grassroots activities require special mention here. This includes providing ads on the urban radio stations in order to inform and engage parents about voucher opportunities and such other activities. Next was billboarding as well as web ads. Other activities included mailings along with phone calls. Even the parish churches, as well as community groups, were included. Next were the parent meetings to impart information. All this can be easily classified as grassroots work. It was tedious but important too. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Due to the grassroots activity, the awareness about the school choice program had risen amongst the public officials as well as community leaders. This is why in 2012, the legislature decided to expand the New Orleans program in order to make it statewide.

Betsy DeVos further maintains that there has been overwhelming parental satisfaction from this program. This is why the statewide program based in Louisiana has managed to enroll nearly 5,000 children during the first academic year.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Comes To The Aid Of People Who Face Racial Discrimination

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that was started to help people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes that they did not commit, and for those who face racial discrimination on any level.

The organization was founded by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin after they had to experience first hand what it was like to be discriminated against. People from minority communities in the United States always have to face oppression owing to the color of their skin or the place that they come from. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The particular incident that gave rise to the Fonterra Fund happened in Phoenix, Arizona, and involved one of the country’s most well-known sheriffs. Joe Arpaio at the time was known to be one of the toughest sheriffs in the country and was responsible for putting away many illegal immigrants in the state.

However, multiple reports started surfacing that the people who he was convicted were legal citizens with a green card. However, a lot of these people belonged to the Hispanic community, and those coming from countries in South America.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin also belonged to this community, and we’re working with a media company at the time. They decided to publish an article on this, highlighting the injustice that was happening. In an unexpected turn of events, they were arrested a day after their report reached the public.

They were taken from their homes and put into separate vans and taken to a holding facility that was run by Joe Arpaio. They were kept there for a total period of forty-eight hours and were told what they were in for only after the period had ended. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

The reason for their arrest was apparently their writing. Since America has freedom of expression, what they did could not be deemed as a valid reason for their request which is why they were released.

Having experienced his ordeal, they decided to sue Joe Arpaio for the discrimination he inflicted upon them. This also stood as a strong testament in the case against Joe Arpaio, considering that he was doing this to a lot of people in the state.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin ultimately won the case and got a massive compensation for the injustice caused to them. Instead of using the settlement money on themselves, the two of them decided to put it to good use and establish a fund to help people who are put in similar situations.

People who have to face this kind of injustice don’t always have the means to fight for their rights. If the individual inflicting this is an important person in the government, the fight can be even harder.

Through the fund, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin want to give people belonging to the Hispanic community the means to be able to continue their fight against racial discrimination and injustice in the system. Since its inception, the fund has changed the lives of numerous people, bringing them the fair justice that they deserve.

Jim Tananbaum Speaks About Why Foresite Capital Funded Mindstrong Health Inc.

The startup, Mindstrong Health Inc., succeeded in raising more than $14M in the first round of capital raising. This company specializes in developing efficient and accurate digital biomarkers used in diagnosing various neuropsychiatric treatments. The company has pioneered technology which helps physicians monitor the brain’s functioning using smartphones.

Win for Mental Health

Speaking to the press, the company’s co-founder and President, Dr. Tom Insel expressed his excitement about the significant progress made possible by their innovations. The physician described the news as a positive step in the right direction as far as battling mental disorders is concerned.

Four venture capitalist companies came together to raise the $14 million in seed money for Mindstrong Health. They are:-

  • ARCH Venture Partners
  • Optum Ventures
  • The One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund
  • Foresite Capital Inc.

Meet the Staff

The firm has hired an experienced panel of experts to run the day to day affairs of the establishment. These young professionals bring an untold wealth of knowledge and skills to the table. The CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum hinted at the results of their clinical trials coming out very soon. Those results would irrevocably demonstrate the effectiveness of using the gadgets and gizmos developed by Mindstrong Health Inc.

Accurate Diagnosis Saves Lives

Mindstrong’s CEO, Dr. Paul Dagum, echoed the same sentiments adding how the tech company was devoted to revolutionizing the neuropsychiatric disorders realm with powerful and accurate diagnostic tools and measures. Follow Foresite Capital on Twitter.

Introducing Jim Tananbaum

Mr. Jim Tananbaum is a serial investor and technopreneur of epic proportions. Jim Tananbaum holds a spot on 2017’s Forbes List of the top 100 most influential investors. Since 2010, Jim has been associated with several high-profile tech startups focused on the medical sector. Jim’s 25-year experience has witnessed him serving as a leader in companies like Prospect Venture Partners, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, Amira Pharmaceuticals and the Amerigroup.

Educational Background

Jim studied Medicine at the prestigious Harvard Medical School in the late eighties. Later, Jim enrolled at Yale University to pursue twin degrees in B.S.E.E and, in Bachelor of Science. He topped his medical studies with a top honor MBA certification from Harvard’s Business College.