IoT Lighting Adjusting To A Human’s Need

Introducing software to the lighting game is about to change it forever. LED lighting is already replacing incandescent bulbs because of it’s affordability, energy efficiency, and it’s ability to last longer. Gooee is introducing software systems to IoT lighting, bringing new features and possibilities to lighting that could be the first step in the planning of smart residences and smart businesses.

However, we have found recently that too much false light can trick our circadian rhythms into falling out of it’s natural beat. If there was a way to fix that, wouldn’t it be healthier for the humans working for a business, and living in a home?

IoT lighting software is about to change the game, with Gooee’s micro chips that read light like the human eye. This small detector sensor can see light as the human eye does including light temperature and intensity. The microchip light sockets can be controlled remotely by wireless systems allowing them to be changed and adjusted based on an information system. If the lighting in a room, office, or school could be controlled to wake people up on an overcast day, or to be energy efficient while setting the tone for an evening’s rest in a home, then IoT lighting is on it’s way to sure success.

Gooee IoT Lighting
Gooee IoT Lighting

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