Revolutionizing Sports Wear with Fabletics

Fabletics is an active sportswear line that was founded by Kate Hudson as one of the major shareholders. Hudson is an iconic actress and a fashion tastemaker. The idea behind Fabletics was born out of a desire to support women in leading healthy and active lives.


Fabletics aims at providing the best sports outfit. It also aims at matching the client desires and sports activities they do. After joining the Fabletics team, a person is prompted to take a survey that seeks to identify the kind of workout one does. It also aims to determine the type of outfits that interests a particular person. The answers given helps the company in identifying the kind of style a person needs and consequently at the start of every month; they provide a line of outfits that suits the client needs.

The products offered by the Fabletics are categorized under four sections that include; quality, style, value, and customer service.


The quality of the products offered matched with the price paid for the product is excellent. The quality of the material is thick and ensures there are no see-through issues.


When it comes to style, they have a wide variety that ensures every client needs are met. The company has experienced designers who aim at producing unique designs. An individual with different sets of styles can choose from the variety offered.

The pricing of the company’s products is exquisite compared to the quality of goods offered. An individual can get an entire outfit for as low as 25 dollars on the first VIP purchase. A two-three piece outfit goes for 100 dollars. It is priced at 49.95 dollars for VIP members. Additionally, the company offers shipping services at no cost for the VIP members.

Fabletics also allows and accepts returns up to 30 days from shipment. In case the products are larger, smaller, or does not meet the clients’ desires, the company accepts returns for exchange at no cost.

The VIP members are allowed to skip payments. Skipping payments ensure that the customer is not billed in the event of no purchase. However, for a client to skip, they have to do it before the 5th day of each month.

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