Ricardo Tosto: Choosing a Business Lawyer

Are you worried about legal problems in business? Do you want to get the right advice or representation regarding business disputes?

A lawyer can help address such matters appropriately.

If either party is reluctant but able to undertake particular contract requirements, an order for specific performance may be imposed by the court. When specific performance is being imposed, the party asserting the breach of contract has normally denied money damages but rather just wants the terms of the contract to be met and the transaction to be done.

The court generally orders this remedy when the contract is so definite, such that money damages are insufficient to return the party asserting breach to their former state. When the court orders this equitable remedy, it generally requires the party to carry out a specific act as stated or determined by the contract.

When business disputes such as breach of contract occurs, you need to get in touch with an experienced business lawyer immediately.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned business and corporate lawer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has been rendering sperb services to businesses and professionals and is highly respected in the industry. His clients include business owners, multinational companies, large corporations, company executives, high-profile individuals and even the government sector.

As an experienced attorney Ricardo Tosto can provide helpful insight into a transaction, due to his legal training and expertise in the field. He can identify concerns or issues overlooked by company owners and organization administrators. He understands that these individuals may be too emotionally invested in seeing the business deal go through.

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