A Challenge To Warren Buffet’s View Of Activly Managed Funds

A 2015 article on the CNBC website describes a bet Warren Buffet has made. The “Oracle of Omaha” will donate $1 million to charity if he can’t beat the return on a group of hedge funds by investing in index funds based on the Standard & Poor’s index. Tim Armour, the article’s author, says Buffet will probably win his gamble. However, he takes issue with Buffet’s take on actively managed funds.

Armour starts with a brief recap of Buffet’s investment philosophy, which he mostly agrees with. Buffet’s “value investing” approach stresses doing careful research of individual companies. Investors should seek out stocks that are not overvalued, and put their money into those that have sound fundamentals. The goal is to invest in stocks for the long term. Actively managed mutual funds, on the other hand, don’t do as well as “passive” index funds on average. An index fund is a basket of stocks based on a market index. The index fund manager tries to match the overall market return offered by the index.

For Armour, the problem with index funds is that they provide no protection in a bear market. The fund will simply follow the market down. He doesn’t dispute Buffet’s overall view. On average, actively managed funds don’t do all that well, often because of mediocre management. Armour contends that choosing funds with low expenses and fund managers who invest their own money in the funds are key strategies investors can use to find well-managed active mutual fund investments.

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Armour is worth listening to. He became chairman and chief executive officer of the Capital Group in 2015. He joined Capital Group in 1983 after graduating from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Hew has 34 years experience with the company.

Prior to becoming CEO, Armour handled global telecommunications and U.S service stocks as an equity investment manager. He started his career with Capital Group as an equity analyst in the Capital Group Associate Program.

Find more about Tim Armour: http://www.wsj.com/articles/you-dont-have-to-settle-for-average-investing-returns-heres-why-1476717440

Betsy DeVos: Bringing About Positive Change To The American Education System

Betsy DeVos has been appearing on the front page of news articles and journals for quite a while now. The Michigan native was given the position of the Education Minister after one of the closest voting polls ever to be conducted in the course of United States history. The position was given to her after a record-breaking equal amount of votes were cast, while voting for the two representatives who would go on to be Education Ministers under President Donald Trump.

Since then, Betsy has voiced her opinion on numerous reforms she plans to put in place as the Education Minister of America. Betsy has always cared about the education system in the country and has always tried to bring about change for the future generations of the country. Betsy is no stranger to being at the forefront of numerous educational reforms. One of the more prominent movements that Betsy was part of was the School Charter Movement. During this, Betsy lobbied for the use of public and government funds for the upliftment of the education system in the country. She was of the opinion that making all public schools follow the same system of teaching that is imparted in private schools will significantly up the quality of education that is given to the students.

In the past, Betsy along with her husband Dick DeVos have set out on numerous philanthropic ventures to help students who are deserving and who require assistance. A few years ago, the couple started their foundation, called the DeVos Family Foundation with the aim of providing monetary aid to students. The Foundation was set up with the aim to help and provide support to organizations who focus on programs for the encroachment of the community, the arts, and justice. Through the organization, the husband-wife duo has donated over a million dollars towards various charities and have helped numerous lives. Also, the DeVos Family Foundation support some causes ranging from educational programs to healthcare improvements.

Among the numerous organizations that she has helped and supports, one of the foundations that received the most recognition is the Education Freedom Fund. The fund was set up to provide scholarships to deserving students hailing from the Michigan area. With this award, Betsy hopes that these deserving students will go on and seek a higher level of education, with the aim of making them more well rounded contributing members to society.

It isn’t just the society that Betsy DeVos seeks to help. She is also an active supporter of organizations preserving and improving the environment. In 2011, DeVos donated a large sum of money to fund a private study revolving around the pollution of the Laka Macatawa in Ottawa County.

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Fabletics is a successful competitor to many online fashion stores.

Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson in July 2013

Fabletics, which was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013, is known for their active role in the growing clothing progress called “activewear”. Comparable, to the way that the online store, Amazon, has nearly 20% of the power in the online fashion market, Fabletics has expanded to flourish as a $250 million business, in nearly a three year span of time. The business uses a subscriber service, that presents impressive, inspiring fashion styles of clothes, online.


In general, the market has the belief, that a higher price is an indication of high quality, for an item that is offered. Nevertheless, that is not a practical approach in today’s world. A shift in the economy caused consumers to look for items with lofty reviews, unique designs and for businesses that make sure, that the customer is satisfied with their acquisition, while spending less.


Numerous stores have been disappearing, because the customer visits the physical stores to see the products, but looks online, to buy the item, from some other business. Fabletics hasn’t witnessed this decline in sales. Fabletics uses an online subscription market, which has a large number of members, who confirm that the items are worthwhile. Consumer reviewing is important, for persuading future customers to go into the physical stores and buy the items, from Fabletics. Data shows, that 50% of the customers, who go to the physical stores, are members of Fabletic’s online membership service, and 25% of the individuals in the physical locations, become members, from their shopping experience.


Fabletics uses data about customer preferences, from their website, to obtain an understanding of what consumers are interested in purchasing. When a customer browses an item at their website, this data is used to ensure that physical stores are carrying those products, that the website’s customers are first and foremost, paying attention to. This permits for the physical locations to quickly change out items in stock, to stay current with the trends in fashion. Revolutionary equipment is also used, such as, information acquired from the use of heat maps and online social media, to characterize which store locations are truly of interest to the customer.


Contending with website based stores, such as Amazon, is a genuine challenge for most companies. Fabletics overcomes this challenge, by selling unique items, using avant-garde technology, science data and by scaling their stores relative to ROI, or Return on Investment data.


Numerous customers state that for the extremely low prices that they pay for the items, the quality is much more than they predictable to obtain. The most frequent review is that the quality exceeds the more competitive, costly brand names but without the large price tag. Customers have said that the range of styles that are on hand at Fabletics is massive. This includes, not only the range of styles but, also the patterns and colors that are in available.

Are Cleansing Conditioners Worth The Cost?

In hair care, cleansing conditioners are some of the most popular products to date. These cleansers give the user a more thorough cleans than shampoo or water along. There are dozens of options on the market today that come from many different brands such as Pantene, Head & Shoulders, L’Oréal, Maybelline’ and others. Unfortunately, most of these brands have cleansers that are full of toxins known as parabens and sulfates. These toxins can cause a variety of issues such as itchy scalp, brittle follicles, dryness, and even hair breakage. Though they may give you immediate results, it’s the long term affects that consumers should be worried about.

Some of the very best cleansing conditioners on the market today are from a brand known as WEN by Chaz, https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity. WEN by Chaz was founded by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean and he developed the brand as a reflection of his very own healthy lifestyle. WEN’s cleansing conditioners are top notch products that are loaded with beneficial ingredients such as pomegranate extract, fig, rosemary extract, cucumber, sweet almond mint, aloe vera leaf, panthenol, glycerin, wild cherry bark, bamboo green tea and more. These organic ingredients heal the hair and scalp by hydrating it and with consistent use, users will experience the ultimate in possessing beautiful hair that shines and that is moisturized. No other brand can match Wen by Chaz for total hair care health.

It’s fig formulas are great for moisturizing hair that’s thick, curly, or coarse. The sweet almond mint formula is good for first time users as it gives a deep cleanse. The cucumber formula removes excess sebum as it thoroughly cleanses the hair right down to the scalp. As you can see, there are numerous formulas to choose from so let WEN by Chaz bring your hair back from the brink. Wen products are available online via the Wen.com website and on select retail stores like QVC and Sephora.

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