Four Signs of Abuse That Jeff Herman Wants Every Parent and Child To Be Aware Of

Jeff Herman is an attorney that has become synonymous with sexual crimes. He has spent much of his legal history shedding light on sex crimes and what to look out for.

“How can a person recognize a sex crime if they do not know what to watch for? Parents need to be more active in protecting their kids. They cannot expect the kids to know what they are doing all the time.”

Sex crimes can begin subtly and branch out into something bigger, over time. Jeff has some words of wisdom for parents begging for the answers. Jeff has laid out 5 signs that everyone should be aware of. Some of these signs may indicate that your child has already been the victim or might be the victim soon.

1) Does your child act out very aggressively in a sexual manner, including compulsive masturbation? It is one thing to develop a healthy routine of masturbation. Compulsive masturbatory behavior is a sign that something is wrong.

Pay close attention because your child is asking for help without saying the words. You cannot assume they are doing okay because they are not.

2) Does your child regress back to a former stage? Has your child wet the bed recently? Do they suck their thumb compulsively? Most kids suck their thumb, but they do outgrow it at some point. Your child is screaming for help.

3) Does your child fear a certain place? Do they fear seeing someone in particular? Do they get angry and combative when they feel threatened? Something has happened to your child. You should sit down and try to talk to them.

4) Do they try to hurt themselves? A lot of kids start to develop the habit of “cutting.” I know a few cutters. That is a sign of something that has happened in their childhood that has not been resolved.


Contact Jeff Herman right away any of this is happening to you or someone you love. Jeff can help. You can go online or call the number on his webpage.

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