Sucess History of Anil Chaturvedi in Financial Industry

Anil Chaturvedi graduated in 1973 from Delhi Univerity and acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Chaturvedi enrolled to a master’ degree the same year at the Delhi University School of Economics and graduated with a degree in Financial Management. Chaturvedi has held many prestigious positions such as the State Bank of India branch manager, vice president of operations at ANZ Bank and a planning and development manager at Grindlays Bank and the current position of the Managing Director of a bank in Switzerland, Hinduja.


Anil Chaturvedi has experienced dramatic transformations over his financial profession and has sound perspectives of the financial industry’s future. When Anil was at the Bank of India, his role was to plan and implement marketing strategies to acquire businesses from non-resident Indians in the U.S.A. The bank bought new companies worth over $ 500 million within four years. Anil work at ANZ Grindlays Bank he headed the Bank’s services by being in charge of compliance issue, product development and marketing regulatory. Anil was also mandated with Grindlays Bank operations in the United States as well as creating sustainable business models. At Hinduja Bank, Chaturvedi conducts oversights on the bank’s advisory. The role cut across diverse banking factors such as attracting more investors, mergers, redeveloping its policies and acquisitions. Anil has helped the Hinduja Bank in expanding its investment as well as commercial activities. Besides, Anil has been vocal in enabling the bank through corporate alliances, to penetrate the global sector.


Anil Chaturvedi has numerous records of having helped Indians start business overboard. Anil has through mergers and acquisitions obtained potential investors to help revive companies that were almost closed up. Chaturvedi has an astounding ability to direct people on financial matters. Anil has track records of delivering outstanding results while working with various organizations. Every organization Anil worked for attest amazing results. Anil sets financial goals he wants to achieve, and his commitment to the goals sees him go to extreme extents to ensure he achieves. Due to His deep expertise in the financial matters, Chaturvedi is trusted by many organizations in giving advice and rarely do his opinions fail. Chaturvedi also mentors young financiers, and the results they produce overwhelm.

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