Actress Kate Hudson Leads The Fabletics Revolution

It is difficult for any company to consider taking on the electronic retail giant Amazon as the Internet based company has seized an astonishing 20 percent of the digital fashion retail market over the course of its life. A rival has emerged in the last three years to the dominance of Amazon in recent years in the shape of the Kate Hudson fronted Fabletics brand; Fabletics has become taken the use of the Internet to new heights and combined its success with that of a growing number of physical locations where Online subscribers can try on the items of their choice before purchasing them using their Online account.


The aspirational aspect of the brand is based on the social media posts and marketing campaigns often focusing on the life and personal style choices of Kate Hudson. The need to find oneself in the same leisure wear items as Kate Hudson sees members of the Site subscribe to the service and have new active wear mailed directly to them each month; the $250 million value of the Fabletics brand shows the company has struck upon a model that truly works for its growing customer base. One of the most important aspects of the subscription service is the “Lifestyle Quiz” which allows a member to have their best possible choices provided for them based on their answers. Taking the quiz is simple and easy and can show any potential customer the different offerings Fabletics brings to the closet of every member.


It is common for celebrities to partner with the companies of their choice as they set out to develop a brand closely linked to their own way of life, which is why “Almost Famous” actress Kate Hudson became a partner in the Fabletics brand almost as soon as the idea was developed in 2013. Unlike many of her fellow celebrities who we often feel have little link to the brands they work with, Hudson is often pictured in the clothing from Fabletics and has developed her own social media presence often featuring the products from the Fabletics brand.


A full partner in the company, Kate Hudson plays a major role in the design of the products in the Fabletics brand and makes sure her own media presence acts as a line of communication between the brand and those members who have already taken the “Lifestyle Quiz” and begun wearing one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the U.S.

Fabletics Shifts to Offline Crowd

Fabletics is the company that young females are talking about with their friends. It has also become the company that is competing against internet juggernaut Amazon. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of this bhdding Fabletics brand, and she has done her very best to build an exciting line of clothing that has young female consumers talking.


Hudson is clearly doing a lot with this brand, and her greatest intention is to lure consumers to Fabletics and keep them buying from this company. That is why the subscription service, where consumers get the chance to sign up for a style profile and acquire their own clothing style, is such big business for her. So many women are simply trying to wear clothes that are going to be comfortable to the skin while they’re working out. What Hudson knows is that women will lose weight and they will have to get more clothes. She realizes that clothing in the fitness world is not a one-time purchase when people are losing a significant amount of weight. That is why she tries to engage each customer in the possibility of subscription services.


This is a great way for Fabletics to profit. In this scenario the customer puts total trust in Fabletics for all athletic gear. Credit cards are charged on a monthly basis for the subscription of automatic shipments. This is a fan base that Kate Hudson does not have to worry about when it comes to their loyalty. When they sign up for this type of subscription service it is obvious that a fan base is already established. This means that these are customers that Kate Hudson does not have to pursue in terms of marketing anymore. She has the ability to move on to new customers that may have never heard of the brand before.


With the new stores that are coming into place, Kate Hudson plans to find this audience of consumers that are not familiar with Fabletics. She is making plans to make sure that consumers know more about this brand. She is putting in the marketing efforts to attract consumers through commercials. This is not something that Fabletics was known for in the beginning. Most of the marketing was online because this was an online store. Now that the crowd is moving offline Kate Hudson is putting forth an effort to attract these female athletic clothing customers as well.

Fabletics is a successful competitor to many online fashion stores.

Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson in July 2013

Fabletics, which was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013, is known for their active role in the growing clothing progress called “activewear”. Comparable, to the way that the online store, Amazon, has nearly 20% of the power in the online fashion market, Fabletics has expanded to flourish as a $250 million business, in nearly a three year span of time. The business uses a subscriber service, that presents impressive, inspiring fashion styles of clothes, online.


In general, the market has the belief, that a higher price is an indication of high quality, for an item that is offered. Nevertheless, that is not a practical approach in today’s world. A shift in the economy caused consumers to look for items with lofty reviews, unique designs and for businesses that make sure, that the customer is satisfied with their acquisition, while spending less.


Numerous stores have been disappearing, because the customer visits the physical stores to see the products, but looks online, to buy the item, from some other business. Fabletics hasn’t witnessed this decline in sales. Fabletics uses an online subscription market, which has a large number of members, who confirm that the items are worthwhile. Consumer reviewing is important, for persuading future customers to go into the physical stores and buy the items, from Fabletics. Data shows, that 50% of the customers, who go to the physical stores, are members of Fabletic’s online membership service, and 25% of the individuals in the physical locations, become members, from their shopping experience.


Fabletics uses data about customer preferences, from their website, to obtain an understanding of what consumers are interested in purchasing. When a customer browses an item at their website, this data is used to ensure that physical stores are carrying those products, that the website’s customers are first and foremost, paying attention to. This permits for the physical locations to quickly change out items in stock, to stay current with the trends in fashion. Revolutionary equipment is also used, such as, information acquired from the use of heat maps and online social media, to characterize which store locations are truly of interest to the customer.


Contending with website based stores, such as Amazon, is a genuine challenge for most companies. Fabletics overcomes this challenge, by selling unique items, using avant-garde technology, science data and by scaling their stores relative to ROI, or Return on Investment data.


Numerous customers state that for the extremely low prices that they pay for the items, the quality is much more than they predictable to obtain. The most frequent review is that the quality exceeds the more competitive, costly brand names but without the large price tag. Customers have said that the range of styles that are on hand at Fabletics is massive. This includes, not only the range of styles but, also the patterns and colors that are in available.

Revolutionizing Sports Wear with Fabletics

Fabletics is an active sportswear line that was founded by Kate Hudson as one of the major shareholders. Hudson is an iconic actress and a fashion tastemaker. The idea behind Fabletics was born out of a desire to support women in leading healthy and active lives.


Fabletics aims at providing the best sports outfit. It also aims at matching the client desires and sports activities they do. After joining the Fabletics team, a person is prompted to take a survey that seeks to identify the kind of workout one does. It also aims to determine the type of outfits that interests a particular person. The answers given helps the company in identifying the kind of style a person needs and consequently at the start of every month; they provide a line of outfits that suits the client needs.

The products offered by the Fabletics are categorized under four sections that include; quality, style, value, and customer service.


The quality of the products offered matched with the price paid for the product is excellent. The quality of the material is thick and ensures there are no see-through issues.


When it comes to style, they have a wide variety that ensures every client needs are met. The company has experienced designers who aim at producing unique designs. An individual with different sets of styles can choose from the variety offered.

The pricing of the company’s products is exquisite compared to the quality of goods offered. An individual can get an entire outfit for as low as 25 dollars on the first VIP purchase. A two-three piece outfit goes for 100 dollars. It is priced at 49.95 dollars for VIP members. Additionally, the company offers shipping services at no cost for the VIP members.

Fabletics also allows and accepts returns up to 30 days from shipment. In case the products are larger, smaller, or does not meet the clients’ desires, the company accepts returns for exchange at no cost.

The VIP members are allowed to skip payments. Skipping payments ensure that the customer is not billed in the event of no purchase. However, for a client to skip, they have to do it before the 5th day of each month.