Todd Lubar: Successful Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Banker And Entrepreneur

Too many young professionals Baltimore, Maryland is Charm City. These young people are moving to the city in droves and creating a growing demand for housing options. Experienced real estate investor Todd Lubar says that has led to new trends and opportunities in real estate in Baltimore. Apartments are in high demands and major developers are refurbishing older buildings, transforming them into hip living options and creating a growing number of apartments and condominiums. The improvement and expansion of public transportation are also helping to make the city more accommodating for people working in downtown Baltimore.

Todd Lubar and others believe more people will want to live in downtown Baltimore. The business community is attracting top talent and becoming more vibrant and the greater metropolitan area is growing quickly. Young professionals are looking for housing developments with more amenities and real estate developers are catering to their needs by creating attractive projects that combine work and play options with easy access to luxury shopping and excellent dining options. However, there’s still a diverse collection of affordable housing developments for middle-class residents and families.

With over 20 years experience working in the real estate industry in Maryland and experience in finance and credit, Todd Lubar is in an excellent position to help both people looking to sell their properties and those looking for homes. He owns several real estate-related companies and has experience in real estate sales as his company TDL Ventures is among the nation’s top mortgage originators. Lubar also owns a demolition company and he continues to expand the services his companies provide.

Passionate about business and always willing to help others, Lubar volunteers in communities throughout Baltimore.

From 1977 to 1987 Todd Lubar lived in Washington DC where he was a student at the Sidewell Friends School. During his high school years, he attended Hightstown, New Jersey’s The Peddie School. Lubar graduated with a speech communications degree from Syracuse University in 1995. He then joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. That gave him the opportunity to learn about mortgage banking and make valuable connections with real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs and others that became an excellent source of business referrals.

Next, Todd Lubar acquired a Legacy Financial Group equity position in 1999 to serve as a direct mortgage bank. He opened the residential development company Legendary Properties in 2002 and began buying, rehabbing and selling single-family dwellings and multi-family properties. In 2003 he founded Charter Funding. To provide commercial loans to companies and individuals overlooked by traditional lenders, Lubar started Legendary Financial LLC.

When the mortgage hit in 2007, Todd Lubar started very successful commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling companies.

The Luxury of Sam Boraie

According to WSJ, Boraie Development has seen nearly 30 years of success and has spread its buildings all over. Boraie has multiple services dealing with the real estate industry. The offer Real Estate Development, Property Management and Sales/ Marketing. They hold themselves at high standards because of their excellence client service. Boraie is known to work with the strongest financial institutions, architects and contractors. What they look for in their partnerships on their projects is, an amazing vision and time management skills, especially with partners who understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Boraie’s Real Estate Development is among the top in New Jersey. They take great pride in informing their clients about their overall vision for their properties. Boraie also lets the public know that they invest their own capital into their projects and promotes their strong reliability to each project. They say they create properties that attract residence that appreciate their long-term ownership commitment. You can visit Yahoo to know more about the company’s profile.

With their Property Management division, Boraie, increases their attention to resident far after they have purchased or rented one of their properties. They provide maintenance, administration, accounting, customer service, marketing and leasing with all their properties with exceptional service. They also work on the physical improvement on their properties regularly. With their Sales and Marketing division, Boraie works closely with other divisions to provide buyers with a great understanding of what they are taking part of. They have a highly successful residential and commercial team that work to provide buyers with the knowledge and understanding of factors about the properties.

Sam Boraie has recently been involved in upgrading a once unpleasant area. The New Brunswick area, once had plenty of abandon properties and had people leaving the area. The president of Boraie’s Development, Omar Boraie, once stated that it was an area where you could not go out after 4 PM. But now, he has brought sophisticated apartment to the New Brunswick area and provide the people there with a lifestyle they required. The best apartments would be the “The Aspire” apartments which range from $1650 and up, and offers from a studio to two bedroom apartments. These apartments are affordable because of the great features they offer. The apartments boost amazing features like in house washer and dryers, gourmet kitchens, glass tile backsplash and each apartment comes with internet and cable. The building itself has a doorman and 24- hour maintenance and has other amenities to entertain and assist their residence.

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