Doe Deere – article recap

If you are on the social media sites, you’ve probably heard of Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the flamboyant head of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her brand was introduced to the online beauty market back in 2008. It’s been full steam ahead for the makeup brand since that time. Deere is a very intelligent woman that has always had her eye on the beauty industry. Early on, she recognized the need for more diversity in color palettes. It was time to say goodbye to all the boring beige and neutrals. Time to say hello to the more trendy unicorn colors like purple, lilac, yellow, aqua, and pink.


Doe Deere Loves Social Media

Clearly, Doe Deere loves social media and social media loves her. Social media gives Deere the perfect opportunity to interact with her fans across the world. Deere really enjoys the feedback that she gets from her followers. She always reads their comments about her products on the sites, and looks at fans suggestions. Those suggestions give Deere ideas for new formulations and products. Deere also admits that discussing her new products on the social media sites is a way to get important input and it gets her followers very excited about the new products. Generally, this leads to a very successful launch of the new product.


New Product Line

Certainly, Lime Crime is known for producing a very glittery line of makeup that appeals to quite a few celebrities. The richly colored beauty products also appeal to people that enjoy taking a risk with their makeup. Sometimes, taking a risk is a good thing. Some might say that Doe Deere is taking a risk by branching out to hair dye. Certainly, Deere would disagree. You’ll never grow, if you do not take a risk. Deere states that she’s colored her hair for over a decade. Today, more and more young girls are dying their hair too. This is a really hot trend and it just made good sense to follow that trend with our own unique line of hair dye products.


Doe Deere’s On Success

Deere relates that success to her is having the ability to relate to her customers. It is also the ability to create products that are truly desired by my customers. Generally, this means listening to your customers. This might lead to reinventing your products. Listening to other people and their comments about your product or business leads to success and makes the customer happy too.


Her Biggest Achievement

Doe Deere likes to look back on the last several years of her life. It’s been a long and magical ride. Still, Deere believes her biggest success along the way was creating a liquid-to-matte lipstick that stays on and does not smudge. Deere worked in a lab with a team to create this wonderful new product. She realized that women truly desired a lipstick that was smudge proof and had staying power. Thus, Deere developed the Velvetines. Deere is very proud of the Velvetines, which are vegan and cruelty free. Learn more:

Women First- Whitney Wolfe

Love life and relationships are the most difficult issues to understand in life. They say there is no explanation for love and the world has been struggling to explain it as well as finding it especially in this digital era. With the advancement of technology, love stories have changed due to the development of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Men and women have been meeting through the apps and their love and relationship stories have taken a new turn. Whitney Wolfe is one of the pioneers of the dating apps in the United States of America known as Bumble.

Whitney was born 27 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah where she was also raised. She is the Chief executive Officer and the Founder of the famous feminine dating app Bumble. Her father was a property developer while Whitney’s mother was a housewife. After her High School graduation, she went ahead to join Southern Methodist University for her International Studies. She was business oriented since her days in college where she established a business to sell bamboo tote bags that were of a great benefit to the people living in areas affected by BP oil spill. She partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp and together they launched a non-profit organization known as Help Us Project.

Whitney Wolfe began her career working at Hatch Labs which was under Sean Rad who they later became business partners after co-establishing Tinder which is also a dating app. Later Whitney left Tinder to found her Bumble dating app that is mostly dominated by women. The dating app company has its Head Offices located in Austin. Whitney Wolfe established the app with a major reason for making online dating different and more secure especially for ladies who are seeking love relationship. Bumble is unique in that the woman makes the first move and will determine whether to arrange for a date or not which is not in other dating apps. Whitney Wolfe together with her partner continues to develop the app with recent innovations of BFF where individuals have an opportunity to make platonic relationships as well as business connects. Another recent development which Whitney Wolfe is making is to open a pop-up location in New York City which is also a good opportunity to expand BumbleBizz.

The Professional Life of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison went to the Northwestern University and received a degree in journalism. Helane Morrison also went to the University of California to study law where she received her Juris Doctor degree in the early 1980’s. Helane Morrison had also started her career at the University of California, working as the editor-in-chief. Helane Morrison passed the State Bar of California in the late 1980’s.


Helane Morrison’s law career started in 1984 when she started to work for various companies. Helane Morrison joined the SEC in 1996 working as the manager of regional enforcement activities. In 1999, she received a promotion to the administrator of the SEC. She was responsible for many aspects of the SEC.


The staff at the SEC audits various companies throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and northern Nevada. SEC investigates all of the books and records that the company keeps to discourage and prevent them from stealing from investors. If they find out that a company has stolen from an investor, they’ll investigate further and sue the company responsible.


Helane Morrison has greatly helped SEC throughout the years of her career. When she was a lawyer, she represented businesses that were sued by the SEC. Since Helane Morrison joined the SEC, she had managed various investigations by the SEC and she has helped by making sure that the lawsuits were fair.


At the end of October 2007, Helane Morrison left the SEC to become the Principal at Hall Capital Partners. When she was working for the SEC, the office expanded its workers and became a regional office. Helane Morrison always helped investors by making sure that the businesses followed their guidelines.


Some of the high profile cases that she worked on during her time with the SEC include:

  • Exposing and stopping financial fraud at Fortune 500 companies
  • Stopping the unlawful sale of fake security to military personnel
  • Exposing companies that have illegally disposed of audit papers
  • Defending senior citizens who have been the victim of financial fraud

Along with Helane Morrison’s help in these cases, she also helped her colleagues back at the office. Helane Morrison always supported her colleagues at SEC and helped them when they needed it. SEC greatly benefited from Helane Morrison’s hard work.